Centralized LakeTank™ frac water supply sees daily cost savings - Rain for Rent Centralized LakeTank™ frac water supply sees daily cost savings - Rain For Rent

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Centralized LakeTank™ frac water supply sees daily cost savings

Thousands of dollars saved daily on long-term project


Working with Rain for Rent, the customer identified that having a centralized, high-capacity water storage and supply system would save them thousands of dollars in water transportation costs – per day – throughout the duration of the multi-year project.

The designed water supply system required storage of more than five million gallons of water in freezing temperatures, which would then be pumped on demand at 54 BBL/minute to well sites throughout the field.


Centralized Frac Water Supply Solution


Rain for Rent provided the large temporary water supply with four 40k BBL LakeTanks fitted with bird netting and floating lids to help prevent the water from freezing. Steel 500 BBL water tanks, diffuser tanks, a series of pumps, filters, and more than 10 miles of hose moved process water from the frac sites to a disposal well. These water supply and process water filtration systems were operated and monitored 24 hours a day by two dozen Rain for Rent employees.


Thousands of dollars were saved daily by eliminating the need to transport produced water, minimizing the transport of moving water supplies to each well site, and reducing the need for water heating.


The natural gas company said they were pleased with the competitive pricing and engineered turnkey storage, pumping and filtration systems. They plan to use Rain for Rent water transfer equipment and supply system engineering on future projects across the country.

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